Year of Establishment:1982-83
Names of Programmes / Courses offered:U.G.(B.A & B.COM DEGREE Cousrse with English Major

The department of English was started with the establishment of the College in 1982.  The student study English as a compulsory language in the first and second year degree course along with Kannada language. The institution started optional English from the academic year 2013-14.

Curricular activities like tests, assignments and exams have been conducted in accordance with rules and regulations of the Davanagere University to which the college is affiliated.  Since the syllabus stresses the need to teach literature and language, more importance has been given to the teaching of grammar of English language. 

English has become the most significant language of the world.  It exposes us to the outer world and expands our horizon.  It is common language to connect people speaking different languages.  It helps students in shaping their bright futures.  

Spoken English Course

 — The Department has conducted Spoken English class every year for the benefit of students. During the academic year 2015-16, the college had collaboration with IICE, Bangalore & conducted spoken English course. The duration of the course was 45 days and 90 students were benefitted.

Name of the FacultyQualificationDesignationSpecializationExperience
Sitaram J A   MA,Mphil  Assistant professor    
 Dayananda  L.P  MA, B.Ed  Guest faculty    


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