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Minor Projects 2009-10 Agricultural credit utilization and its repayment performance of PCARDBS in Davangere District of Karnataka state - A case study of Jagalur PCARDB. UGC 75000/- 75000/- 75000/-
Major projects            
Interdisciplinary projects Nil          
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Students's Research Projects:2009-2014

Commerce DepartmentHistory DepartmentEconomics Department
1) Role of financial institution in the agriculture development - A case study of Jagalur Taluk. 1) Stala Nama's of Jagalur taluk 1) Drinking water supply program- A case study of Jagalur Town.
2) Performance evaluation of women entrepreneurship- A case study on Charaka 2) Types of water storage under Chitradurga Palegar's 2) A study of self help group - A case study of Jagalur Taluk
3) Performance of PCARDB - A case study of Jagalur PCARDB. 3) Forts and temples of Chitradurga district. 3) M.N.R.G.P program with special reference to Bilichodu gram panchaith Jagalur
4) Customer satisfaction survey of Prajavani news Paper- A case study of Jagalur Town 4) Comparative study of commercial communication in between Keladi Nayakas's and Chitradurga Palegar's 4) A project work on Macro Economic Indicators.
5) Consumer behavior towards purchase of durables- A case study of selected consumer in Davangere city 5) Achievements of Madakari Nayaka Vth 5) A project work on Macro Economic Indicators.
6) Consumer attitude towards LIC with reference to LIC in Jagalur 6) Art and architecture under the palegar's of Jagalur Taluk.  
  7) The role of Bhagath singh and Chandrashekar Azad in independence movments.  
  8) Local self government of Jagalur Taluk  
  9) Art and architecture of Hoysala's  
  10) A study of freedom fighters in Jagalur Taluk  



Sociology DepartmentPol-science DepartmentEducation Department
1) A study on social and economical conditions of Hotel employees of Jagalur Town. 1) Historical background of the constitution of India. 1) A survey of facilities under Akshara Dasoha scheme in primary school – With special reference to Jagalur Taluk.
2) A study on economical and social conditions of Aids patients of Jagalur Taluk. 2) Rural local self government. 2) A study on progress of infusive education system in Davangere district.
3) A study on Akshara Dasoha and Midday meals schemes with special reference to Jagalur Town. 3) Disarmament 3) A study on women conditions – with reference to Kattigehalli and Giddanakatte villages of Jagalur Taluk
4) A study on social and economics conditions of Banajara community of Sokke Hobali, Jagalur taluk. 4) United nations organization 4) A study on opinions of Chinnara Angala and Ba Marali Shalege programs of Teachers and parents of Jagalur Taluk.
5) A study on social and economics conditions of Hamalies of Jagalur town. 5) Human rights 5) Environment pollution – A case study of Jagalur Town
  6) origin of the state  
  7) Sovereignty  
  8) Liberty and equality  



Kannada Department
1) SamsaraNatakagala charitrika mattu samajika adyayana
2) Davangere Zilla Janapada kalegala adyayana.
3)Rangabhoomige Padmasri Chindodileela Koduge
4) Davangere zilleya Lambani Janangada Acharane mattu Sampradayagalu.



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