Year of Establishment:1982-83
Names of Programmes / Courses offered:U.G.

The department of Sociology was started with the establishment of the College in 1982.The Department offers the syllabus prescribed by the university. Curricular activities like tests, assignments and exams have been conducted in accordance with rules and regulations of the Davanagere University to which the college is affiliated. 

The Department of Sociology intends to conscientize students to the social realities, issues and problems of contemporary society. It attempts to orient students with skills to manage their social and professional life. It also creates social awareness about the burning social  issues in the student community.

The department of Sociology offers with other combination such as

  1. History—Sociology—Education.
  2. History—Political Science—Sociology.
Y. Nagaraja M.A.,  Associate Professor & HOD  Sociology  06 years
Ashoka. B.T M.A.,  Guest Faculty  Sociology  04 years


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